Update for november 9

MP Update for November 9

Cheetahs Rock Remote Learning
No school Wednesday to celebrate Veterans Day

November is Native American Heritage Month

Black Voices November 17
Jewell Parker Rhodes
Black Voices Presents Jewell Parker Rhodes on Nov. 17

November Cheetah Chatter
Meridian Park Newsletter

Welcome and Thank You Joe Hardie
Newly elected MP PTSA President

From the Office: Thank you for conferences! We want communication to be ongoing, so please reach out at any time. Thanks for our partnership.

At Meridian Park, we welcome, embrace, and care for all families. Because at times things can be stressful or uncertain, we believe that our public schools, including Meridian Park, should be safe places for all students and families to learn, grow, and be part of a community. If you or a neighbor need support, please contact us directly or any member of our staff. Thanks everyone for making MP a learning community where all families feel welcome, accepted, and supported. Mr. Tadlock, Mr. Alford, and Staff

One Community • Stronger Together
Celebrating learning with flexibility and compassion

Counselor, 206-393-1785, katie.mccain@shorelineschools.org
Family Advocate, 206-393-1768, annie.gage@shorelineschools.org
Nurse, 206-393-4124, tama.leahy@shorelineschools.org
Attendance & Registration, jake.goett@shorelineschools.org
Office General, annie.bach@shorelineschools.org
Dean, matt.alford@shorelineschools.org
Principal, david.tadlock@shorelineschools.org
Staff Directory: Contact Us / School Staff Directory
District: www.shorelineschools.org
MP: https://www.shorelineschools.org/meridianpark