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Welcome to Meridian Park Elementary PTSA’s Clubs and Enrichment page. The PTSA strives to create a positive, safe, and enriching experience for Meridian Park students. All vendor clubs are required to offer a free tuition to the Parent Lead of each class. Sign up to be a parent lead and have your child attend the club for free. Check out the how to sign up and read about parent responsibilities here: Clubs & Enrichment Registration. We are thrilled to be be able to sponsor before and after school clubs such as:

Please note that club information for the 2018-19 school year will be updated after school starts.

Spanish Spanish Club K-6 Tuesdays and Thursdays; 8:00am-8:50am; Feb 6– Mar 29; Cost $240.  Meeting Room 203.  Bring your child to the room for check in. How to register – Flyer came home, extras in the lobby, or download registration. Email:

Mandarin K-6 Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8am-9am; OR Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30-4:30; starting October 3rd – Dec 14; first Trimester cost $350.  Meeting Room 237. Morning, bring your child to the room for check in.  Check your child out at the lobby at 4:30. How to register – Flyer came home, extra’s in the lobby.  Email:

ABC Builders Kindergarten ONLY–  Wednesdays; 8am-9am; October 4-November 29; $95; Room 101 – Kindergarten Music Room, Bring Kindergarteners into lobby for sign in at 7:55-8:00, or bring to room after 8. How to register –

JR Engineering 1-4 grade – Thursdays; 3:30-4:30; October 5- December 7; $95; Room 206 – Tricia Norton’s 5th grade classroom; pick up students in the lobby at 4:30.  How to register –

Kindness Club 2-4 grade – Fridays; 8am-9am; 10/6, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3, 11/17; FREE; Room 411; Sign in at 7:55-8:00 in the lobby, or bring to classroom. How to register – email

Chess Club 3rd grade – Tuesdays; 3:30-4:30; October 3-Novemeber 28; FREE; Teacher’s lounge; Pick up students from teacher’s lounge at 4:30. How to register – FLYER SENT HOME

Chess Club 5-6 grade – Thursdays; 3:30-4:30; October 5-Novemeber 30; FREE; Library; Pick up students from library at 4:30. How to register – FLYER SENT HOME

Homework Club K-6 – MondayFriday; 3:30-up to checkout 6pm; October 2- December 15; $275/month or $20/day; Cafeteria; Check out students from cafeteria at your best pickup time. No Drop in’s,  schedule monthly, flexible, high school students to help with homework, daily themes. How to register – email

ArtWise K-6 grade –  Conference week; 11:45-3:30; 10/9, 10/10, 10/11, 10/12; one day or all days; $35/day; cafeteria; Check out students from cafeteria at 3:30. How to register – Flyers and

YarnArts 2-6 Grade – Wednesdays; 3:30-4:45; 10/5, 10/18, 10/25, 11/1, 11/15; $108; Teacher’s Lounge; Pick up students from the lobby at 4:45. How to register –

Mad Science 1-5 Grade – Thursdays; 3:30-4:30; October 5- December 7th; $147; Room 203; Pick up students from room 203.  How to register –

Math Club 4-6 Grade – Math Club begins Wednesday, Oct. 18th at 8:00 am in room 501 (6th grade), room 502 (5th grade), and room 401 (4th grade).  Yes, we have a 4th grade coach now so please register your 4th graders for math club!  For the first day of Math Club, we ask that parents escort their kids to the classroom.  We are unable to offer a 3rd grade session at this time due to lack of a coach however, we encourage you to register 3rd graders anyway in case a coach materializes.  Email: if you are interested in coaching or visit

Parents –  Please find the General Registration form for all clubs below.  Please READ and sign the After Schools Policy and Emergency Protocol included in the General Registration. Please register your child with the vendor/instructor of the club. Please be on time when dropping off and picking up your student.

Are you interested in starting your own MPPTSA club or enrichment program?

MP PTSA Programs Application Packet (PDF)
MP PTSA Program Flyer Template (PDF or DOC)
MP PTSA Program Approval Checklist and Instructor Agreement (PDF or DOC)
MP PTSA Program General Registration Form to register students (PDF or DOC)
MP PTSA Sample Club Roster – This will go to the office (DOC)

Please email Briana Bell with questions you may have about MPPTSA clubs and enrichment programs.

Applications for this year’s clubs and enrichment programs

Math Club – Visit the MP Math Club website to sign up for Math Club