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Applications for the MPPTSA Grant Program

MPPTSA offers the Meridian Park Elementary community an opportunity to receive one-time funding to support enrichment and academic program enhancements. The goal of the MPPTSA grant program is to support teachers, staff, and other PTSA members to bring their ideas, vision, and passions to our students by funding supplies, equipment, and projects that provide unique learning experiences that are not currently supported by other funding sources.

2020-21 Grant Opportunities

The MPPTSA has funding available to support enrichment, unique learning opportunities, and program enhancement. Thank you for your donations and fundraising efforts, which make these grants possible!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainty of timing for resuming in-person school, we encourage applicants to be creative about ideas that can be completed in within the context of distance learning. Feasibility for remote execution will likely be a factor in evaluating applications this year. Below are some possible ideas for activities that may be adaptable to an online setting:

  • Zoom “assemblies”
  • Coding / graphic design programs or projects
  • Take-home kits to be done as a class or group via Zoom (e.g., take-home science experiments, art project, “maker” tools/blocks)
  • 3D printer (students working remotely on planning / programming, then watching video of printer in action)
  • Activities to help increase student-to-student socialization / collaboration
  • Pen pals with students in a different location

Note that these categories are not pre-approved; all applications must meet guidelines and are subject to approval by the PTSA Board.

Additional Tips

  • Applicants must be MPPTSA Members. If you haven’t joined the PTSA, please see how to join here:
  • If you plan to apply, it is recommended that you send a message via email to and stating your intent to apply, so we can keep an eye out for your application.
  • Projects must be endorsed by David Tadlock, so please contact him before the application is due.
  • Requests for professional development and operational funding will not be considered.
  • Grant funds must be used by the end of the 2020-2021 school year.Our second round of grants will be offered in two stages, to help distribute funds as quickly as possible.
  • Applications are due on (a) Friday, February 26, 2021, by 5:00 pm, or (b) Friday, March 26, 2021, by 5:00 pm.  We hope to review and distribute funds following the March and April PTSA meetings, respectively.  Please review the application form for complete instructions and email for more information.

Click the link to download the application for our 2020-2021 Grant Program. See examples of successful grant applications and priority projects below (note that these were completed during in-person school so may not be feasible in 2020-2021).

2020-2021 Grant Application (DOC)

Successful Grant Examples (PDF)

Are you interested in starting your own MPPTSA club or enrichment program?

MP PTSA Programs Application Packet (PDF)
MP PTSA Program Flyer Template (PDF or DOC)
MP PTSA Program Approval Checklist and Instructor Agreement (PDF or DOC)
MP PTSA Program General Registration Form to register students (PDF or DOC)
MP PTSA Sample Club Roster – This will go to the office (DOC)

Please email the Vice-President of Programs and Clubs with questions you may have about MPPTSA clubs and enrichment programs.

Other Forms

Empower The Cheetah Full Form

Reimbursement Form (PDF) (WORD)

Receipt of Money Form (PDF) (WORD)

Washington State Patrol Background Check Authorization Form (required of all volunteers) Please download and return to the school office.