The High School Schedule Alignment Survey

The Shoreline School District has convened a group comprised of staff, principals, students and parents for the purpose of unifying the schedules at Shorecrest and Shorewood. This is in order to allow students to access individual courses at either high school, and as often as possible to allow staff the ability to work at multiple sites.

With the recent completion of a unified District registration guide and the impending completion of the construction of two new high schools, the School Board and District leadership believe that it is time to fulfill our commitment to one schedule that allows for unimpeded student access to all courses in the District. This schedule is being developed through a process that includes representation from our broad educational community.

The High School Schedule Alignment Committee has been formed to make recommendations to the Superintendent and her cabinet for consideration and possible implementation. Specifically, these recommendations must meet the following parameters:

• Meet the state instructional minutes standard utilizing a 1,080-hour year.

• Must allow for student access of individual courses on either side of the district without penalty or hardship to the student.

• Maintain a minimum of a 30 minute duty-free lunch for staff.

• Work to support staff being able to teach at either high school.

At this time the High School Schedule Alignment Committee is asking our families, staff and students to help us consider the values of the Shoreline Schools community as it relates to our work. Please take a few minutes to answer the survey at the link below and give the committee your comments. The survey will close Feb. 25.

The High School Schedule Alignment Survey is here: