Fifth Grade Band and Orchestra Concert on March 12th at 7pm

5th Grade Band and Orchestra
“Debut” Concert at MP/CK8
March 12, 2014
At 7:00 P.M.

Dear MP/CK8 Friends and Family,

You are invited to join our 5th grade band and orchestra for their first ever public performance. This will be an evening to feature our newest 5th grade musicians in their own concert at school. Ms. Jobst (band director) and Miss Ault (orchestra director) will explain to the audience just how we teach and learn the beginning playing skills in our classes. The concert will last about 40 minutes. This special evening will be both a demonstration and a performance for you, by the students. You will be impressed with the talents in both the band and the orchestra groups, and it’s always an exciting night to see the students perform for their first time in public!

Please do join us on the evening of Wednesday, March 12th at 7:00 PM for the 5th grade band and orchestra concert. We’ll see you at the concert!

P.S. Our 6th grade band and orchestra students are working on music for their separate festival concerts, which will be in early February.

Thanks for your support,

Ms. Jobst (band) and Miss Ault (orchestra)