Cheetah Champs Guidelines and Schedule

Guidelines for being a Cheetah Champ

  • Follow your personalized Daily Schedule.
  • Always wear your CHAMPS t-shirt while you are on CHAMPS duty.
  • Stop by the office if you have any questions throughout the day.
  • Be approachable – smile, talk to the students, listen to them
  • Be smart – follow the school’s policy on appropriate conduct and behavior with the students and faculty
  • Be alert – if a situation arises, please report it to a school official starting with the principal
  • Be available – the goal is to be of service to the school, teacher and students
  • Be a positive role model – please do the following:
  • Use only the faculty/staff restrooms.
  • Always work with at least two students.
  • Follow school’s confidentiality policy in regard to students and staff.
  • Always be visible to others
  • Keep your voice at level 0-2 (ask your student what that means!)
  • Follow school guidelines regarding profanity, tobacco, anc alcohol use.
  • Maintain good boundaries about religious and political views and respect those of students.
  • If you need to use a cell phone or PDA, please do so during your break time.
  • Engage in positive, respectful, fun behavior and have a great day being a CHAMP!

Schedule for Cheetah Champs